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Why take this course?

The PADI Seal Team Course is for children who wish to experience the thrill and

excitement of swimming underwater (in a pool only environment) completing

"Aqua missions" using full scuba equipment specially designed to fit them.

They will learn safety techniques in diving and can go on to complete "Speciality"

missions like :-

  • Environmental awareness,

  • Night diving,

  • Safety Rescue diving

  • Underwater photography.

  • Marine identification

  • NAS (Underwater Archaeology)


This is a really fantastic fun and safe way that

allows older children to learn about the aquatic environment whilst having lots of FUN

with their friends.


It also teaches them personal confidence, responsibility, team work and environmental respect.


Who can take this course?

 Both boys and girls 8 years old and above, with at least basic swimming skills.

 A simple medical questionnaire and parental consent is needed.


What do you need to bring?

 Swimming costume and towel. All other equipment is provided.


The PADI Seal Team program is broken into two parts:


Part 1: PADI Seal Team

   PADI Seal Team Aqua-missions 1-5 teach the basics of scuba diving covering skills such as buoyancy control, regulator recovery and mask clearing.

   These skills will form the basis of all future scuba diving courses.

   When you have completed all skills 1-5 you are welcomed as a Seal Team member, you receive a membership card, Certificate and badge.


Part 2: PADI Master Seal

   Aqua missions 6-15 build on the safe diving practices and you experience a range of different “dives”.

   Children want to know what its like to be Astronaut, here they get the next best thing to feel what its like to be weight less.

   Aqua missions 6-15 cover an introduction to night dives, underwater navigation, search and recovery, underwater photography, marine creature id, and more.

   When you have completed all 10 speciality Aqua missions you become a PADI Master Seal team member.


What’s after PADI Master Seal?

 When you have completed the Aqua-missions and achieved your Master Seal status you can continue your underwater fun and enjoy playing under water games with your friends.

 Alternatively you can continue your scuba diving experience by commencing your Junior Open Water once you are 10 years old.


How much ?

Aqua missions 1-5 block booking £150

Aqua missions 6-15 individally taken £25

If attending a session already completed £10

PADI Seal Team & PADI Master Seal  

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