Air Fills.

In a hurry - Jump the queue - Ask about an express  

 Air Fills upto 300 Bar while you wait.

Nitrox will be available soon upto 40% via our Nitrox Compressor and 100% by decanting and Blending

PCP air gun and air rifle users can get cylinder fills as well while you wait.

you will need to bring your adapter along with you for connection.



Air gun mini cylinder £4.00

3Ltr  232 bar £5.00                                    3Ltr 300 bar £6.00

up to 12ltr 232 bar £5.00                up to 12Ltr 300 bar £7.00

up to 15ltr 232 bar £6.00

Suit Repairs

Suit repairs vary on munufacturer but typically from,

latex Neck seal          £39             Pressure test £35

latex Cuff seal            £16 each    Leak repairs from £15

Latex Sock                 £32 each


Cylinder Testing


Visual test & valve service                     £35.00

Hydro test & valve service                     £45.00

O2 clean with cylinder test                     £10.00

Eddy current test (aluminium cylinders) POA

O2 cleaning                                            £22.50

Internal shot blasting                              £15.00

Manifold servicing                                  £18.00

External painting                                    POA

Tank failure                                            £10.00

Twin set assembly                                 £15.00

Regulator Servicing
Air Rifle Filling/Charging

PCP air gun and air rifle cylinders filling here as well as dive cylinders. Test requirments on  Air gun cylinders dedicated use only is every 5 years. Cylinders for air gun use that can also be used for Scuba Diving are still subject to a 2.5 year hydro test and visual inspection.

If you are not sure our qualified filling and testing technician will be more than happy to advise.

Please also note that cyclinders that are out of test will not be filled

We service the following makes of regulator all in-house.

 Apeks, Aqua Lung, Atomic, Beuchat, Cressi, Dacor, Mares, Northern Diver, Oceanic, Poseidon, Scubapro, Seac Sub, Sherwood, Tusa,US Divers, Zeagle

Servicing is carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications using genuine spare parts, and carries a 30-day guarantee on workmanship. Turnaround times are usually quicker but please allow 14 days, depending on the availability of parts.
​.Service cost start from  £79 including service kits