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Welcome to

The Thanet Diving & Watersports Aquaddicts

club is open to all divers of all levels and all

agencies who just want to go diving here in the

UK or abroad. Joining our club is on a rolling

12 month's, Which means join in November

your membership will run until the following


Joining our sub-aqua dive club has many benefits including:
  REDUCED family prices 10% on adults & 20% on under 15's

  REDUCED price gas fills 1/2 price (filled at the centre only)
  REDUCED servicing costs of equipment (that's 10% off all                                  dive equipment you have registered with us)
  SAVE money on new scuba kit purchases (that's                                         another 10% off but not included in special deals
  FREE use of the swimming pool (Saves you £10 every                                time you are in the pool) must book in though and                              should numbers be tight preference is given to trainees
  REDUCED equipment hire costs (10% on all hire kit)
  1ST offers to dive club members for spaces on our latest released          dive and holiday trip dates here in UK and abroad and of                  course a   
  great atmosphere and friendly faces around when diving with us. 

So how much is it to join? Only £95 per 12 month's. 
As you can see you can very quickly save your club fee's in a short time making belonging to Aquaddicts all the more worthwhile.

If you would like to join us plese click on the Aquaddicts membership button and complete and return it

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