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I Have been Diving for over 36 Year, with huge amounts of experince of diving in and around the UK. I am just as happy bimbling and blowing bubbles with in-experienced and trainee divers even from the age of 8, just as much as I am at 70Mts plus. It does not matter which agency you trained with, abroad or here you're all welcome to dive with us.. Primarily a diver the centre was set up to be a watersports activity centre and offer sea Kyaking and have been designated by the Kent and Thanet councils to run tours through the nature reserve to enjoy the wildlife and scenery including the seal colony for which have to be escorted tours. We are still working on kite sursurfing, so keep watching..

Our Vision

We aim to encourage as many visitors to our centre to take part in one of the watersports as we can, and there is no hard sell. you simply do or you don't, --  but we will do our best.
If you do then they are simply great fun. for you're child they are more than fun, they are also educational. If there is one down side to the education at school is it's boring, not relevent, can't see the point, just to mention a few points that I certainly remember from school and unfortunately still hear today.

So what are they going to learn that could be fun I hear you say.  

Well they still have to read but it's interesting and in small bite sized segments with mini quizes and knowledge reviews.

They still do maths, there are graphs to follow, they have to work out how much gas they can carry, how much they breath, how much gas in a ballon at the surface  and how much the deeper the go.

They will cover Physics and Physiology to understand how and what happens to they're equipment and they're bodies.

when is it safe or not to go into the sea looking at wind and tide tables. As a result they will learn about - Boyles law, Henry's law, Daltons law, Archimedes law, Charles law without even realising it.

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